Have the consequences of another’s negligence or intentional act of malice left you seriously injured? Contact us right away! Compensation for your injuries may be available!

The basis for filing a personal injury lawsuit occurs when you’ve suffered harm from an accident or injury and someone may be legally responsible for causing it. ​Here at UBFK Law Group, we commit to getting our clients the maximum compensation for their personal injury claims. We understand the negative impact these injuries have on our client’s well-being. They often affect their ability to work and do everyday things competently. Be aware! When you don’t know all your rights claiming one’s just compensation from the insurance companies can become extremely difficult. Make sure you have the trusted and experienced team of UBFK Law Group at your side defending your rights!

Located in New Jersey, UBFK Law Group works efficiently by attempting to resolve personal injury cases through mediation and arbitration where both parties can agree on a settlement. Be assured that if there is cause to take your case to trial, we will relentlessly pursue getting you the maximum compensation available!

You should consult with a UBFK personal injury attorney immediately if you’ve suffered from:

  • A car accident.
  • Injury from ultra-hazardous activities.
  • Slip and fall injuries.
  • Injuries caused by animals.
  • Injuries by defamation causing emotional and/ or mental distress.
  • Long-term injuries that could last long more than a year leaving you permanently disabled.
  • A case of disputed liability where the insurance company refuses to pay any amount or doesn’t behave fairly in the final settlement statement.


Litigation is emotionally, psychologically, and financially draining on the parties involved. However, personal injury matters add the elements of physical pain and mental suffering. This raises the stakes significantly in any personal injury matter. Unless you have been personally injured or been around someone who has sustained a serious injury, it can be difficult to comprehend how a neck or back injury can negatively impact so many different aspects of an individual’s life. We are successful personal injury attorneys because we truly understand the terrible consequences of our clients’ suffering.


Having represented both plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury matters, we have seen first-hand how a person’s life can be dramatically altered for the worse as the result of something as seemingly simple as a slip and fall accident. Sadly, we have also seen seriously injured individuals be stonewalled by insurance companies for no reason other than a general litigation strategy of vigorously defending all matters regardless of the degree of liability or the nature of the injuries involved.

It is devastating to learn that you have been paying insurance premiums your entire life and now when you are seriously injured with mounting medical bills, your insurance fails to compensate you properly. We’ll negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, taking the case all the way to trial if necessary.

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