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At UBFK Law Group, we provide our clients with the best, most up-to-date representation in healthcare law. Because of the complexity and ever-changing nature of this area, our attorneys stay up to date on all important developments in the field in order to zealously represent our clients and best help to navigate the business and legal issues central to healthcare law. Our experienced team of attorneys is committed to making sure that our clients have the best possible experience while also maintaining sensitivity and thoughtfulness.

We help our clients adapt and respond to new challenges in healthcare and beyond. We know that your number one priority as a healthcare professional will always be your patients, and we understand the variety of intricate challenges that can arise while operating a medical practice. Our team of skilled attorneys have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you properly traverse the complicated world of healthcare law so that you can continue to focus on providing your patients with quality care.

Business Planning and Organization

Protecting your business starts from within; when you fail to properly establish written employment policies and practices, you expose both you and your business to potential risks that will only increase as your medical practice continues to grow. These written polices can help prevent or deter possible disputes before they happen and, in the event that litigation occurs, can provide a quick and fair outcome for your business. 

Establishing the right business organization for your practice’s needs is a crucial factor in assuring that you, your employees, and your patients are taken care of for years to come. From creating and expanding to even merging your practice, UBFK can facilitate these types of transactions with ease. While you focus on treating your patients, we focus on protecting your business.

Internal Materials and Potential Disputes

As an employer, it is vital to your business that you have proper written materials and internal procedures set place for your employees and patients in order to reduce potential disputes. Having these written materials, such as safety regulations, Standard Operating Procedures, customer service standards, payment policies, and security policies, can ensure that you are prepared to properly serve your patients while also protecting your business.

Employee contracts and handbooks can help to mitigate risks inherent to operating a business while ensuring the ability to handle growth and success. These materials can certify that both you and your employees have clear expectations set in place regarding their employment requirements and protections, as well as outline your business’s mission and values. Additionally, such agreements can be used to resolve or even avert potential employment disputes before they start. Thanks to UBFK’s experience with medical employment law, you can rest assured that your office’s employment agreements will be sound and fair.

Regulatory Compliance

Making sure that your business and your employees stay in regulatory compliance with healthcare law is a time consuming yet necessary practice. Regulatory entities, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, and the Board of Medical Examiners, focus on the care and protections of the patients receiving medical care from your practice and ensure that these regulations are properly followed. When operating a healthcare business, it is vital that everyone involved in your practice complies with the litany of ever-changing laws and regulations in order to properly protect your business.

The regulatory system is changing every day, particularly so in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that will continue to effect healthcare professionals for the foreseeable future. By receiving trusted counsel from UBFK, you can ensure that your business complies with these requirements so that you can focus on what matters most: your patients.

Areas of Focus:

  • Regulatory Compliance (sale of business, license transfer, tax, etc.)
  • Healthcare Fraud and Abuse (anti-kickback law, Federal False Claims Act, etc.)
  • Healthcare Litigation (restrictive covenant actions, partner/member/shareholder liability suits, breach of contract actions, equipment lease actions, etc.)
  • Healthcare Employment Matters (hiring process, employee disability matters, workers compensation matters, issues related to COVID-19, compliance with state and federal laws, etc.)
  • Medical Practice Mergers & Super Groups (federal antitrust violation avoidance, compliance among physician participants, taxpayer regulations, etc.)
  • Medical Spas & Cosmetic Surgery Practices (improperly structured space rental agreements, consulting, medical director agreements)
  • Other (medical research, HIPAA law, unique tax issues)

Healthcare law is an ever-changing landscape that requires a deep knowledge of relevant laws and regulations, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Without proper knowledge of the latest developments, healthcare providers may find themselves in legal trouble with government healthcare regulators. Fortunately, the team of qualified experts at UBFK Law Group are here to help.

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