DUI/DWI are serious offenses in the state of New Jersey. Penalties can range from fines, license suspension and even jail time.

A DUI/DWI violation should not be taken lightly. The matter is a serious offense in the state of New Jersey, and police and prosecutors have
been cracking down on offenders. It is important to have an attorney by your side for this issue. Incarceration is not the end; there may be a
defense for you. Contact the trusted attorneys at UBFK Law.

The team at UBFK Law understands that not everything is perfect. Our team is willing to fight tooth and nail, to make sure you get the best outcome. We’ll look at the defense to prove everything was proper. We will make sure the test is good.

If law enforcement did not have a legitimate reason for a traffic stop: move to dismiss.

If the test was botched in any way not intentional: move to dismiss.

If law enforcement failed to administer the test in a proper manner: move to dismiss.

Everything must be done correctly for this charge to stand. Our legal team is perfect for representation in this matter. We know that each case has many sides to the story. Our goal is getting yours heard.

Having a qualified attorney represent you in traffic court is the best way to defend against building up traffic points which can result in the loss of your license. Here at UBFK Law Group, located in central New Jersey, our team of dedicated attorneys have a long history of being able to fight for you. Whether your case involves a misdemeanor charge reduced or lowering the points on your license, you can count on us…our results are tested and proven, we protect our clients in all their vehicle and traffic circumstances!

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