Avoid a DUI This Fourth of July

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The Fourth of July is a time for celebration and gatherings with family & friends. Unfortunately, it’s also a holiday where DUI incidents spike significantly. At UBFK Law, we want you to enjoy the festivities safely and avoid any legal troubles. Here are some essential tips and insights to help you steer clear of a DUI this Independence Day.

Plan Ahead = Save Lots of Money:

  • Designate a Sober Driver: Before you head out to celebrate, designate a sober driver who will remain alcohol-free throughout the event.
  • Use Rideshare Services: Use rideshare services like Uber or Lyft. They are convenient, reliable, and much cheaper than dealing with a DUI charge.
  • Public Transportation: Check your local transit schedules and plan your route in advance.
  • Host Responsibly: If you are hosting a party, make sure to provide plenty of non-alcoholic drink options for your guests and encourage your guests to pace their alcohol consumption.
  • Make Responsible Choices: Do not allow anyone visibly drunk to drink more or drive away.

Know the Consequences:
Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense with severe legal consequences. If you are arrested for a DUI, you can face penalties such as fines, license suspension or revocation, mandatory alcohol education programs, community service, and/or jail time for repeat offenders or those involved in accidents resulting in injury or death. Additionally, it can lead to a permanent criminal record that affects your future employment opportunities.

Protect Your Rights:
By planning ahead, making responsible choices, and understanding the consequences of a DUI, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday. If you or a loved one find yourselves facing DUI charges, Contact UBFK Law today to protect your rights. Celebrate safely and responsibly this Independence Day!

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