Online Wills: Why a Digital Shortcut May Result in Unforeseen Consequences

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The technological revolution has undoubtedly made our lives easier. Almost any product or service imaginable is at our fingertips, giving us instant gratification. But as the new reality of digital convenience continues to make our lives less burdensome, some online services sacrifice quality for the sake of expediency. Online legal services, for example, although practical, may lead to undesirable ramifications downstream. Perhaps the most common source of legal hurdles derives from the decision to complete an online will instead of seeking professional estate planning advice from an attorney. 

A will is more than a mere legal document. It is an extension of your wishes regarding how your property will be distributed among surviving loved ones. Financial assets, real property, and personal belongings can be accounted for through proper estate planning and lessen future ambiguity for beneficiaries. Regardless of the value of one’s estate, a carefully drafted will addresses potential issues that are likely to be overlooked in an online form. Often, a will with unclear terms may result in lengthy and potentially costly probate disputes among beneficiaries. Additionally, each state has its respective laws that decide whether a will is probated. In some cases, a court may render a will that is not executed correctly as invalid, making it meaningless. 

Fortunately, such mishaps can be avoided. Consulting an attorney to address concerns relating to estate planning is a painless and worthwhile process. An attorney can use their knowledge of the law and past experiences to tailor a will to your individual needs and circumstances. Additionally, speaking with an attorney can identify and resolve potential issues that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Although a will may seem like a straightforward document, we as unique individuals should not rely on an online template to capture our life’s legacy and oversimplify the final conveyance to loved ones.

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