Zoning and Land Use

Compliance with zoning and land use regulations are vital to protect your commercial real estate investment. At UBFK Law, we offer comprehensive legal services in the practice area of Zoning and Land Use. Our attorneys navigate the intricate web of local zoning laws and regulations to help clients achieve their goals while ensuring compliance. We assist with land use applications, rezoning requests, variances, and other related matters to facilitate successful commercial projects.


Zoning refers to the division of land within a specific jurisdiction into different “zones.” Each zone has its own set of regulations and restrictions regarding approved use, building types, and density. Zoning regulations are typically established by local governments, such as cities or municipalities.

The primary purpose of zoning is to promote orderly development by ensuring that land uses are compatible with each other and with the surrounding community. Zoning regulations help manage the allocation of land for residential, commercial, industrial, and recreational purposes. By designating specific zones for different types of land use, the intent is to create more functional communities.

We assist clients in complying with zoning requirements and obtaining necessary permits and approvals. If your proposed land use does not conform to existing zoning regulations, we can help you seek variances or zoning changes through applications and hearings before zoning boards. In the event of zoning disputes, such as denials of permit applications or conflicts with neighboring properties, we provide strong advocacy to protect your rights and represent your interests in zoning-related litigation.

Land Use:

Land use law encompasses a wide range of legal principles, statutes, and regulations that direct the planning, zoning, development, and conservation of land. Our attorneys will assist you in understanding and navigating these regulations to optimize your opportunities.

We assist in negotiating and drafting agreements related to land use, such as easements, development agreements, subdivision approvals, and conservation restrictions. These agreements ensure that your rights and interests are protected and that all parties involved understand their obligations.

Don’t let zoning hurdles stand in the way of your success. Contact UBFK Law today to schedule a free consultation and learn how our real estate attorneys can help you navigate the zoning landscape and achieve your development goals.

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