Probate and Estate administration

Navigating the complexities of probate and estate administration can be overwhelming during an already challenging time. Shira Frackt, Esq. specializes in probate and estate administration, providing guidance and support to executors, administrators, and beneficiaries throughout the entire process.

The probate process can be time-consuming and complex, requiring careful attention to detail and legal expertise. We have extensive experience in guiding executors, administrators, and beneficiaries through the probate and estate administration process, helping to streamline the transfer of assets and resolve any disputes that may arise.

Our Practice Areas:

Probate Process:

  1. Probate is the legal process through which a deceased person’s assets are distributed according to their will or, in the absence of a will, state laws. We will ensure compliance with legal requirements, timely filing of necessary documents, and efficient resolution of any disputes that may arise.

Executor and Administrator Assistance:

  1. Being appointed as an executor or administrator carries significant responsibilities. Shira Frackt, Esq. supports her clients by helping them understand their duties, fulfilling their legal obligations, and navigating the complexities of estate administration with confidence.

Asset Inventory and Valuation:

  1. One of the crucial steps in estate administration is identifying and valuing the deceased’s assets. Shira Frackt Esq. will assist in conducting a thorough inventory of the estate, working with appraisers and other professionals when necessary to ensure accurate valuation of assets, including real estate, investments, personal property, and more.

Creditor Claims and Debt Resolution:

  1. Dealing with creditor claims and debt settlement is an integral part of the estate administration process. We will help identify valid creditor claims, negotiate settlements when appropriate, and ensure that the deceased’s debts are handled properly, minimizing potential disputes and protecting the interests of the estate and beneficiaries.

Distribution of Assets:

  1. Once all debts, taxes, and expenses are resolved, the final step is the distribution of assets to beneficiaries according to the terms of the will or applicable state laws. We are here to help you ensure that assets are distributed correctly and efficiently, and address any beneficiary concerns or disputes that may arise.

Will Contests and Dispute Resolution:

  1. In situations where there are disagreements or disputes over the validity of a will or the distribution of assets, our skilled attorneys can provide strong advocacy. We will work diligently to protect your interests, represent your position in court if necessary, and seek a resolution that aligns with the wishes of the deceased or the applicable laws.

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