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Are you a resident of Englishtown, NJ and in need of a personal injury attorney? Let UBFK Law handle your case. We handle personal injury cases with the care, compassion, understanding, and resolve you deserve. 

Our mission is simple; to deliver high quality legal services to the members of our community in the matters that matter most to them. We work each and everyday to deliver this promise to our Englishtown, NJ clients. We believe it is paramount for any personal injury attorney to truly understand their clients to be successful. 

When you are faced with an injury, the unknowns are running rampant in your mind. What about lost wages? Will I lose my job? Let UBFK law get the compensation you deserve for your injury. We’ll handle personal injury cases over:

  • Slip & fall injuries
  • Long term injuries & disability
  • Animal bites
  • ….and more!

UBFK Law has one goal in mind: to fight for you and get the result you deserve. Along with personal injury cases, UBFK Law will handle various legal matters in the Englishtown, NJ area. We’ll handle cases regarding real estate, municipal court, criminal defense, and more! Our team is ready to take on the cases that need to be tackled. Let UBFK Law be the law group for you. Contact us today!

Visit our UBFK Law office near Englishtown, NJ if you’re in need of a personal injury attorney.

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